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regenerate instagram token in Joomla

Automatic Token Regeneration Added to Joomstagram

Instagram tokens have 60 days to live then expire, so most have to generate a new token from Facebook manually every ...

recover database in localhost

Recover MySQL databases from frm, ibd, myd myi on localhost

How to add local font to Joomla

How To Add Local Fonts to Joomla

How to find and edit module in Joomla 3 and 4

Joomla Instagram

UT Joomstagram 2.1.0 Brings improvements

Ufolio Joomla template 1.1

Ufolio Joomla Template Updated

Ufolio, the best template to create a multipurpose portfolio joomla been updated to version 1.1, we fixed and added t...

Uno Joomla Template Updated

When UNO launched a page template for Joomla, we never think we would have the acceptance it has today; more than 100...

Unitemplates Launch

Official launch of Unitemplates

After much work and lots of coffee we are pleased to announce the official launch of Unitemplates, a company dedicate...

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