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Uno Joomla Template Updated

Uno Joomla Template Updated

When UNO launched a page template for Joomla, we never think we would have the acceptance it has today; more than 100 live sites !!, most of them have a very active Blog, that's why we elect to upgrade with new features and major changes.

Changes: UT Contact, it is now UT Contact PRO, which brings maps, forms, additional information and brings 20 styles.

What's New: We have added content types (video, gallery, audio, quotes, links)

Updates: Joomla 3.6.2; T3 2.6.1; Multimodule 2.1; UT Contact 1.1

Warning! Before upgrading please make a backup, after migrating your data module UT_Contact to UT_Contact_PRO please completely uninstall UT_contact because there will be no future updates for that module (DIED).

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