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regenerate instagram token in Joomla

Automatic Token Regeneration Added to Joomstagram

Instagram tokens have 60 days to live then expire, so most have to generate a new token from Facebook manually every 2 months.

Fortunately that is in the past in Joomstagram, because in version 3.1.0 we have added a new field where you must enter a certain number of days less than 60 (it has a default value for the forgetful), after that day Joomstagram will use refresh_access_token automatically to generate a new token, with that you will forever forget to manually generate tokens every 60 days.

We are sure that the more than 20 thousand active users of Joomstagram will love the automatic regeneration of Instagram tokens. This feature was dreamed of by many of them and here at Unitemplates we are the first to implement it for the entire Joomla community.

Enjoy Joomstagram, a Joomla module to display your instagram posts on your website and now with automatic token regeneration. If you have any questions or problems, post it on the forum.

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