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LawStudio - Fontawesome Upgrade

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  • tegazinho New Member
  • Topic Author 4 years 5 months ago #1

I wonder if it's possible to upgrade the fontawesome icons (version 4) to the new fontawesome 5 icons.

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 4 years 4 months ago #2
From the current version of Lawstudio if possible, but you have to keep in mind that some icons of version 4.x will not be seen anymore, and for this it is necessary to edit php files.

The other option is to add version 5 together to version 4, but this would make the page heavier. You make the decisions of which option to take.

  1. Inside the template folder ut_lawstudio create a folder called local (inside this folder, folders and files with the same structure as the original template are added. Only files you want to modify)
  2. Create the folders: fonts >> font-awesome
  3. Assuming that you have already downloaded fontawesome 5, within the new font-awesome folder, extract from the .zip of fontawesome only the css and webfonts folders.
  4. Inside the local folder create a folder called etc, inside etc copy the file assets.xml that is in ut_lawstudi/etc/assets.xml
  5. inside assets.xml there is a call to font-awesome.min.css this loads version 4. you can change that and add the name of the file fontawesome.min.css that loads version 5, maybe you should load more files like solid.css, regular.css or brands.css, in that case just add lines and change the names. IMPORTANT on the route do not add the LOCAL folder, this is automatically detected by t3.

Add Version 5 together to Version 4.
  • in ut_lawstudio/fonts create a folder called fontwaesome-5 and inside it unzip the css and webfonts folders
  • create the override of assets.xml inside the local folder (explained above)
  • Within the new assets.xml add calls to the necessary files of fontawesome 5, do not delete the call version 4.

  • Note: we will not add version 5, because we are planning the new version of Lawstudio with joomla 4 and a more modern builder. The current version will be maintained.

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