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Template Tienda - .htaccess - duplicate redirects

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  • fariloo_hanfeil Junior Member
  • Topic Author 3 months 2 days ago #1
I have to ask one more question, please, which bothers me now since weeks!  I hoped to get rid of that with buying a template.

When first installed and renamed the .htaccess and put SEO on Use URL Rewrite - the server does not do anything - its completely no redirect score on seobility redirect checker.
It says I have to put these two lines under the Apache:  RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

I did the installation exactly like in the documentation. The same with your quickzip.
After puting those lines insideat least, there is some change - in seobility redirect checker it says its fine so far. But when I then use the serpworx site or the sitechecker or redirect - checker, it doesnt matter which one, I always see the same under the http://www. domain....
There is a 301 duplicate and There is no redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. Redirect from index pages (.html and .php) configured incorrectly

My webhost says everything is working correctly. Could there be a step wrong when using FTP Filezilla? Or something on the Computer - firewall whatever? I did the joomla installation I think 20 times now. Its every time the same... And since I am not a programmer / coder it bothers me a lot.
When I use serpworx redirect checker on your template site: it leads to 100% correct.
So, please, can somebody help me with this? Please?  I am really tired of that. Or is one duplicate Ok for SEO?

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 3 months 2 days ago #2
First we want to make it clear that this is not a problem with the template or that it is solved with a template, since the template is a minor extension of Joomla.

Normally this is done from the hosting panel (although this depends on your provider) to access via www, without www, http or https. and those configurations are server side. If your provider tells you that you have to do it with .htaccess, they have to provide you with the code because the server and its configurations are theirs.

You say that our website gives correct results, then I will tell you how it is done:
1. In the hosting is selected to use https://www
2. In Joomla Configuration >> Server >> Force HTTPS >> Entire Site is selected.

Remember that to activate this you must have an active SSL certificate on your hosting.

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  • fariloo_hanfeil Junior Member
  • Topic Author 3 months 2 days ago #3
Hi, thanks a lot for your answer.
Yes, I am pretty sure, your template is very fine! Since that phenomenon now happens with everything I try to install...
Thanks. Will contact my webhost again! This drives me crazy.
And also, ok, I did not try that Force HTTPS before.
So, thanks a lot that helps a lot. Kind regards.

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