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PROCAR - Menu page title stying

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  • GooRu Junior Member
  • Topic Author 4 months 1 week ago #1
I've made a menu item for the blog, and when styling through the menu item itself I have chosen a background image and have display title on. I have deleted the color value so is transparent.
The site still displays a dark overlay on the image I set. How can I control the overlay here?

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 4 months 1 week ago #2
From the menu settings you have options for: Background image and Blackground Color which is a background color not an overlay for the background image. In summary you have 2 options, image or background color.

Now if you want to change the opacity or the color of the overlay of the background image of the titles you have to do it using CSS, to do this create the file /templates/ut_procar/css/custom.css and inside it paste the following code that you can change color or opacity to your liking.
.sp-page-title:before{background-color:rgba(2, 0, 9, 0.3) !important;}

In the custom.css file you can add all the CSS customizations you want, these are not lost in template updates.

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