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UT Reto - Onepage

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  • itfidds New Member
  • Topic Author 7 months 6 days ago #1
We have installed the Quickstart for the UT Reto template to test how the Onepage demo works.
This works fine.
Now we want a clean install of just the template (UT Reto without Quickstart) so that we do not get all of the extra pages and extensions such as VirtuMart.
Can you tell us the process for installing the template and configuring the menu items to enable the scrolling and setting of active menu items?
Thank you

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 7 months 6 days ago #2
We recommend that you keep Quickstart in a separate folder or locally so you can see how each part is configured.

Typically, experts install the template in clean installations because they know what they are doing. But if you still want to take that step, we will give you a basic guide to create the onepage.
In this case, step to create the onepage like our demo you need to install SP Page Builder, SP Simple Portfolio (add content) and create blog articles, these last 2 only if you want to use it.
1. Install the template
2. Install SP Page Builder and the extensions you are going to use.
3. Add content to your extensions
4. From Quickstart, export the Onepage page from SP Page Builder
5. In new site create a page and import the previously exported page.
6. Recreate the quickstart onepage menu on your new site (these link type elements with links to section IDs
7. From Quickstar go to System >> Site Templates Styles >> look for the one called Onepage >> Template Options button >> Advanced >> Export, and export the configurations.
8. On your new site, edit the Reto template style, go to the Advanced tab and import the previously exported template style. From the menu tab select the onepage menu that you have created both the classic menu and the offcanvas one. Guard.
9. Now you have to edit the SP Page Builder page and select the module that you must have created previously to show your portfolio and blogs, obviously if you are going to use them.

To delve deeper into how to change colors, or use Page Builder, the online documentation or what you can download from your panel.

Each onepage menu item is anchor links to SP Page Builder section IDs.

If with all explanation it is not possible for you, we recommend using quickstart and then deleting what you are not going to use (there is a basic guide on that in the documentation)


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