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Medico - Problem creating Joomla articles with pagebuilder in medico

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  • pstrada New Member
  • Topic Author 1 year 9 months ago #1
Hello, a strange problem arises.
I have created a site from the quickstart joomla 4 "medico".
I have activated my SP PB pro license and defined the new domain.
I have updated joomla and SP PB pro to the latest release.

If I create a new joomla article with page builder from scratch it works.
If I export a page in .json (for example page id 5 Single doctor) and import it into an article the file is loaded but does not let me make changes, an empty field appears when i click on the addon.

I have tried to recreate another site, on the same host (on which I have other working j4 sites), again starting from the quickstart, but I have the exact same problem.

If I import the same .xml file into another site, on the same host, with a different template, again using pagebuilder, the file loads correctly and I can make the changes.

Could you help me?

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 1 year 9 months ago #2
If it happens in the administrator it is not a template problem, because it is executed only in the front-end, possibly it is a SP Page builder bug with Joomla Article in conflict with some version of Joomla, this is a well-known bug reported in joomshaper and it does not occur with all Addons, only with some.

So my recommendation is that instead of creating articles with SP Page builder create PAGES in SP Pagebuilder because these can also be added to a menu item. But if it is essential for you to use Articles I recommend that after importing or creating an article with SP Page builder you add it to a menu item, access it in the front-end and edit using the Edit With SP Page Builder button, this will take you to the front-end live editor that does not give you errors and is what the developers are working on, because the backend editor will be discontinued and will not exist anymore in the 4.0 version of the editor that is about to come out.

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  • pstrada New Member
  • Topic Author 1 year 9 months ago #3
hello, I think I have found the reason for the error.
In the medico template there are 7 customised addons (UT Social, UT Testimonial, Ut person etc.).
If a page uses one of these addons and is exported in .json, during import pagebuilder fails to render this addon.

If I export the same page by removing the custom addon (e.g. UT Social link in the "Single doctor" page) it works correctly.
The article is created via the .json file and is fully editable.

I also did this test on the new Pagebuilder 4 and it works there too.

Since the problem seems to be clear, the only immediate solution (for my site) is to edit the pages that use these UT Medico addons.

Articles for me are indispensable because I have to be able to use the Article scroller addon, there is no equivalent for pages.

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 1 year 9 months ago #4
We export and import pages with our addons on a daily basis and we can ensure that we do not have any problems with the official editor, using pages and modules of SP Page Builder both in the live editor or in the backend. The day we entered your page we tried to edit our addons and they worked correctly and the addon that the editor left blank was the Addon Text Block.

We will check the compatibility when we make the official update of our addons for version 4.0.x of the Builder, because our addons are not yet compatible with that version. Additionally, we must say that SPPB 4.0.1 is not ready yet because it does not correctly import the paddings of the actions, font size of addon icons, etc. In addition, the image selector from the native Joomla folder disappears completely from the editor, therefore We do not recommend using this version, to do so is the responsibility of the site owners if they update to the latest version of the editor. We will release a compatible package when the Builder developers have overcome these hurdles.


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