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Joomstagram - Number of rows in version 2.2.0

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  • nasatrgovina New Member
  • Topic Author 3 years 11 months ago #1
I installed the Joomstagram 2.2.0 today, it's working fine and it is very simple to use.

I encountered only one problem: the maximum number of image rows seems to be only three. When I set the "Rows" field to 1, 2 or 3, I'm getting 1, 2 or 3 rows of images on the website... But when I set the "Rows" field to 4 or more, the number of image rows on the website does not increase above three. I hope it will be fixed in the next version.

One more thing would be desirable, but not overly necessary: it would be nice to have the option to select the "Phone columns" number to be 1.

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  • leoalv Moderator
  • 3 years 11 months ago #2
We know of this case, the problem is not the number of columns but the limit of images of the Instagram feed that is 12. When we developed we had 2 ways, the easy or complex configuration, we decided for the easy. In the future we may add a complex configuration layout using the new facebook API, but this also has its limits for non-commercial instagram accounts.
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