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Template Frameworks

Helix 3

The following guide is intended for end users, so they can optimally manage Helix 3 based templates.

Helix Manager

The main feature of Helix is the generation of rows and columns for the positions of the modules, and these once you can rearrange dragging and dropping. These features allow us to create unique layouts according to our needs.

Basic Tab

From this tab you can activate functions like: Page loader, Go to top, sticky header, and boxed layout. Add or change logos (desktop, mobile and retina) background images, coming soon page and error page. You can also load in a position of module features like: social icons, contact info, footer info and others that we add to give more functionality to our templates.


Presets Tab

Here you can select one of the default colors of the template, or change those colors for others that you like.

Helix Presets

Layout Tab

The layout tab is the most important, from here we can add or remove rows, columns and positions. In the same way we can individually configure each row and column.

Important. Before edit layout please Export Template Settings from Advanced Tab; If you destroy the entire layout and want to start over, you only have to import the saved configuration from the same tab.

Helix Layout

Menu Tab

From this tab you can select the menu and the type of menu that we will use with the current template style.

Helix Menu

Typography Tab

Here you can select fonts, for the body, headings tag and for navigation (menu).
Important: In almost all templates font-family: Font_Name is included, in the LESS, SASS or CSS files, so if you change the fonts here you also have to do it in those files.

Helix Typography

Custom Code Tab

These fields are very useful when we need to add something to our web, with Google analytics for example. In the images we detail what you can add in each field.

Helix Custom Code

Advanced Tab

The functions we have here will be used to make development easier or to speed up our page when it is in production. In the following image we describe each one of them.

Helix Compress Css and JS

Blog Tab

From this tab we can add more functionality as comments system and share icons to traditional Joomla articles.

Helix Blog Options

Assignment Tab

From here you can assign or unassign this template style to menu items.

Helix Assign Menu Item

Other Features

Helix has other characteristics that are not in your style manager.

Mega Menu

To create, sort, align or add modules in mega menu you have to go to: Menus >> Menu Name >> Menu Item >> Helix Megamenu Options.

Helix Megamenu Configuration

Page Title

To activate, deactivate, change title, image and background color of Page title, you have to go to: Menus >> Menu Name >> Menu Item >> Helix Page Title.

Helix Page Title

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