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Guide to configure the essential options of Virtuemart, the most popular component to sell all kinds of products in Joomla. Virtuemart has been with Joomla since its inception and is in constant development.

Your knowledge of Vituemart depends on the size of your store. You can learn about Virtumart And you can make your inquiries in the Official Forum


Explaining all the configuration of Virtuemart is too long (for that we have left the links above, with tons of information). To accelerate your store use the Quickstart Package that is already pre-configured. Here we will try to explain the parts that are changed more frequently.


This is where the most changes are made, here you can change the size of the images, number of columns and rows. We recommend using the configurations we have made.

To configure this go to: Components >> Virtuemart >> Configuration >> Templates tab

Virtuemart configure templates

  1. Numer of items or columns per row
  2. Show or hide sections of products state
  3. Numer of rows per product state
  4. Leave in zero, change only if necessary
  5. Image height on catalog, this height is for categories, products, manufacturs
  6. If you move your site of folder or hosting, write the new path or go to Tool >> Tools & Migration for regenerate Safe Path. If it is not correct the store will not work.
  7. Number of items on catalog
  8. Number of products in the catalog, depending on the number of products per row your have chosen.


From here we will configure the store. here we will change Vendor Name, Shop name, Corrency, Logos and invoices. Go to Components >> Virtuemart >> Shop

Virtuemart configure shop vendor

  1. Your company name
  2. Change for your shop name
  3. Change it for your domain URL (include folder name if exists)
  4. Select your default currency
  5. Add or remove accepeted currencies in your store
  6. Your logo


ADDING: Adding products in Virtuemart is simple using the preset fields.

Add product in virtuemart

Mandatory Fields
  1. Name for your product
  2. Estabilish as published
  3. Select Manufacturer of your product
  4. Select the categories where your product will be sold
  5. Your product alias (url) it be generated automatically on save, or you can add your custom alias
  6. Price for your product
  7. Select a currency if you sell in several currencies
Optional Fields
  1. You can select a diferent layout for this product page
  2. You can assign this product to all shoppers or just for selected groups
  3. You can assign this price to all shoppers or just for selected
  4. Use when you know the final price of the product and want to calculate the cost price by applying active taxes and discounts
  5. You can add new price for some shopper group or for a time range

CUSTOM FIELDS: Custom fields is one of virtuemart's best features, you can create your own custom fields and use them to show more information about your product. In this case we will show how to configure the custom fields we have created.

Custom fields in Virtuemart

  1. Write the category name that you want add as related. Click in resulto to add.
  2. Write the product name that you want add as related. Click in a result to add.
  3. Add a Custom Field. You can add same field many times as you want.
  4. SIZE: You can increase the price according to the size, you can also change the name or each size.
  5. COLOR: You can add colors as you want and increase or maintain price, also can change color names.
  6. BADGE: This is used for make a product as new, hot or sale.

Custom field front-end result

Virtumart show custom field


The new version of virtuemart is based on categories, the Front Page Type is no longer used.

From the Menu we can also modify the number of products per row, number of categories per row, number of rows per product status (Discontinued, Top Ten, Latest, Recent, Featured). You can also choose whether to show or hide.

Select Type

Go to: Menus >> YOUR MENU >> New button >> Select button >> Virtuemart >> Catergory Layout

Menu Settings

You can leave the fields with the predefined values; this will make Virtuemart work with the values that we have established in the main configuration (explained above).

You can also set new values to the fields, this will make virtuemart take these values and not the main configuration (only of the fields that have new values).

Virtuemart Menu Settings

  1. The changes that you make here affect to the Top Level Categories (main categories) or the category that you selected for this menu element.
  2. The changes that you make entering to this tab affect only to the subcategories that are within the Top Lavel Categories or the subcategories that are within the category you selected in this menu element.


Safe Path

We can safely say that this error has been found by all those who install a Virtuemart Quickstart.

Virtuemart error safe path

This error can be solved in 2 ways.


Go to: Components >> Virtuemart >> Configuration >> Templates tab, and fill with new correct path the field Safe Path. This path must exist, be accessible, and have the appropriate permissions.


You can follow the link that shows you the error or go to: Components >> Virtuemart >> Control Panel >> Tools >> Tools & Migration >> Safe Path tab

Solve Virtuemart Sfe Path

  1. Click here to create safe path outside of public_html(www) folder. Recommended
  2. Click here to create safe path inside administrator folder

Unable User ID

If in Virtuemart you see an error with the following message "Unable to find a user with the ID: NUMBER" It is because you have installed the quickstart of a template or for some other reason the Store Owner does not exist. To solve this we will follow the following steps.

  • Go to: Users >> Manage >> Copy the id of the user that you want to be the owner of the store.
  • Go to: Components >> Viertumeart >> Configuration >> Shop tab >> Advanced Settings section

    1. Select Yes
    2. Save not Save & Close
    3. Click in one icon to open Virtuemart Menu
  • In opened Virtuemart Menu got to: TOOLS >> Tools & Migration >> DB Tools tab

    Virtuemart set store owner

    1. Paste de iser ID copied previously in step A.
    2. Click to set new Owner of Store and say baye error.


Virtuemart Products

To show products on homepages and other parts we have used this module. Now we will explain how to configure. We have created some Layouts, which you can select from the Layout field

Virtuemart Products module

  1. Select an available layout as default, carousel and list.
  2. Show Latest, Discontinued, Featured, Random, Best Sales or Recent Viewed Products.
  3. Number of products to show.
  4. It prevent show same product twice.
  5. Number of products per row.
  6. Leave in Div Based.
  7. Generally is YES.
  8. Show or hide Add to cart button.
  1. Enable or disable category filter.
  2. If category filter is enabled, only products of the selected categories will be displayed.
  3. Enable or disable manufactur filter.
  4. If Manufacturer filter is enabled, only products of the selected manufacturer will be displayed.

From the advanced tab you can add CSS classes to make your own customizations.

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