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Ublog powerful blog for Joomla

Ublog is not an extension, ublog show articles from Joomla Content component (com_content) and its power is when it comes to displaying articles from one or multiple categories, because it gives you the power to choose the number of columns for each device (desktop, tablet, mobile), choose different layouts and styles, use masonry, limit the characters of the intro text and a layout for the view of a single article.

Ublog cannot be installed independently, it is part of the Unitemplates templates and each template can have more or fewer options.

Creating Items for Ublog

Ublog shows articles from the Joomla Content component therefore to create times you just have to go to Content >> Articles >> New button. TIP: From the Blog Options tab you can add audio, video and gallery (provided by Helix Ultimat)

Creating Ublog

To create a menu item to use Ublog you must follow the steps that we explain below.

Ublog powerful blogs for joomla

  1. Add title for your blog
  2. Selecting Ublog: Select >> Articles >> Ublog
  3. Select Category or create one if no exists
  4. Ublog Otions

Ublog Options

All the options have default settings according to the needs of the template, so if you want you can make the changes according to your needs.

Columns: Set number of columns for desktop, tablet and mobile

Blog Layout: List of layouts to select. It is not present in all templates and they do not always have the same layouts

Blog Styles: List of styles. They don't always have the same styles

Masonry: Eneble/Disable masonry to create a blog with a dynamic grid without leaving blank spaces between the items. It can be used when posting a mix of post types like just text, audio, video, images, because they have different heights.

Truncate Introtext: Allows you to limit the number of characters to display in the introtext. Useful when the introtext of our articles are very long and the other short.

Choose Layout or Single Article Layout: Here you must select Ublog to show each article in the single view with the same style selected in the Blog Style or Blog Layout Option

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