Terms and Conditions

  1. General Conditions
    1. By accessing and making a purchase, in Unitemplates, you confirm that you agree and subject to the terms and conditions below.
  2. Products
      1. Unitemplates products purchased can not be sold or redistributed under any modality.
      2. You are allowed to make modifications to our products for your personal use, but not to be resold or redistributed in any form.
      3. You can use our product for unlimited time.
      4. You may not assign or transfer the license to any other person without the written consent of Unitemplates.
  3. Payments and Returns
    1. The payments are absolutely safe because they are made through Paypal and other companies with worldwide prestige in buying and selling online.
    2. We do not make recurring payments, so we do not save any financial data of yours. If you want to renew a product whenever you want and voluntarily.
    3. If you want to make offline payments contact us.
    4. We sell digital products, these cannot be returned because copies remain. Therefore Unitemplates does not return the money of voluntary payments, because before buying you have seen the product demonstration and the details in the description. In addition, each product has good documentation so you can configure and obtain results that are the same or similar to what you see in the demonstration.
  4. Warranty
    1. Unitemplates not guarantee that our products (Templates Themes) work correctly with other extensions or other uses give the customer wants.
    2. Unitemplates if it ensures our products work correctly with extensions for CMS and browsers that were developed; and they are specified in the product description.
    3. We guarantee to solve our errors (reported by customers) in future product updates.
  5. License
    1. Unitemplates releases its products under GNU/GPLv2 GPL version 2.0 license, inherited from the CMS. However, the design, images, cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and PHP portions not compiled are released on license "Unitemplates Intellectual Property"; these not compiled files are sent independently and are combined in the client's browser, therefore they do not have to be GPL.
    2. In our products we use third-party code, released under multiple licenses. Therefore we (Unitemplates) do not sell those codes; what we sell is the design and functionality we give to a CMS, using these codes.
  6. Ownership
    1. The customer can not claim exclusive ownership or any of our products, you have purchased.
    2. Unitemplates owns the designs and functionalities.
    3. Codes, designs, images, etc., that have been released by their creators under any license; and have been used in any of our products, maintain their own licenses.

Unitemplates has every right to change these terms at any time.